Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sidebar Sunday: Five Things I’m Crushing on This Week

Raw Juice. Operation Fashionable Mommy is cruising along with renewed vigor, thanks to the sartorial victory I had last week of being able to fit into jeans that aren’t labeled “maternity” and/or have an elastic waist). And I think my new morning ritual is partly the reason why. Even though DD is several months away from taking her first bite of solid food, I dusted off the Baby Bullet last week…for me. I’ve started juicing again, my friends. And, frankly, it tastes so good, I wonder why in the hell I stopped. The first thing I put in my belly every morning now is raw juice I make in the bullet. The one constant is that my juice must contain baby spinach leaves, but other than that, I simply use whatever fruit I have on hand; kind of like a shepherd’s pie, but in the blender. I do have a favorite, though: The “Greenya-colada”: pineapple, spinach, and banana. It is the nectar of the Gods.

Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Shower Gel and Lotion. I’m still very much hung-over from the kindness I experienced last week from around the blogosphere, and on the heels of that comes the unanticipated gift of kindness from my boss, Mrs. F., the owner of the yoga studio where I teach. (I’m still on maternity leave, though.) Mrs. F invited DS, DD, and, me to come and hang out at the studio last Friday while it was closed. DD had a blast playing with the yoga blocks and running amok since he had the entire studio to himself. Mrs. F gave me a gift set of Bath and Body Works’ Stress Relief Shower Gel and Lotion. The result? I went home and, after I put both kids to bed, luxuriated in my first bubble bath since – and I’m not joking here – 2009. It’s sad, but true. I have only taken showers since then…and lightning-fast ones, at that, since becoming a mother. I vow to change that now: Regular bubble baths are back on the agenda.

Fisher Price Little People Wheelies Truck with Ramp and Mini Car. A student of mine had left this at the studio for DS; she bought it for him as a “big brother” present upon DD’s arrival.  Well, when DS opened it, he about died. A toy that possesses a truck, a ramp, and a car all in one? That’s a trifecta, as far as he’s concerned. I like it because DS is still so preoccupied with it that I have been able to nurse DD unencumbered all week long.

Dunkin Donuts’ Red Velvet Latte. I’m a creature of habit, and nowhere in my life is this more obvious than my choice of caffeinated beverage. I have my favorites at Biggby, Starbucks, Dunkin’, etc., and I rarely stray. I like what I like. When we were driving home from the yoga studio, I decided to stop at through the DD drive-thru and, for some reason, the picture of the Red Velvet Latte had me at hello. And the taste? Well, let’s just say I’ll be ordering it again. Don’t ask me about calories. I don’t even want to know. I mitigated the damage by ordering a small, which is nearly the size of a Dixie cup, anyway, so I figure it can’t be that bad. Hell, I have to live; I deserve some pleasure here and there. Oh! And it was dirt cheap! In my neck of the woods, they are running a special now where this drink in a size small is only $.99 from 3 p.m.— 6 p.m. It was 3:02 p.m. when I went through the drive-thru. Boo-yah!

Patty from the Sprout Sharing Show. Boy is this pick a sign of the times. I never thought a pig puppet would make her way onto my favorite things list, but, lo and behold, here she is. The other day, when I was pulling a stack of diapers out of the box, DS walked up to the box, and very deliberately proceeded to point at – and articulate – the letters W, B, and Y. DS and I read every day, several times a day, so I know that that has certainly spearheaded his letter recognition, but I credit Patty with pushing him over the edge: DS is so excited to see Patty on the Sprout Sharing Show every afternoon at 4p.m., that just the mere mention of Patty’s name makes him awake from his nap with a start. Patty does these little cutesy vignettes centered around letters and DS loves them. Patty, if you were a person, I’d throw a “like” your way on Facebook or follow you on Twitter, but, you’re a puppet so…I guess we’ll just keep watching. 

A note about Sidebar Sunday:  Although this is an anonymous blog, I would really like for you to get to know me better. So on Sundays I post something that pertains to my life, yet is unrelated to a purchase I made online. Topics include (but are not limited to): family matters; things in the news; random happenings; stuff that warms my heart; stuff that pisses me off…I could go on, but I won’t. Just know that, as far as topics go, they’re all fair game.

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  1. I definitely need to hit up DD for that latte!

    1. OMG, Antionette! Yes. Go! And report back and tell me what you think. I mean, I don't think it's just my taste buds -- I truly think that drink will be The Bomb for anyone who tastes it. Remember, go between 3pm-6pm and it'll be .99! You can't beat that with a stick, as my Grandma used to say. LOL


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